Home Restoration

Learn about the incomparable expertise of RX Construction and Remodeling, your go-to resource for outstanding home restoration services in the area. We are renowned for our illustrious track record and are experts in sensitively restoring old buildings. Our commitment to justice is sensible and represents our desire to make house repairs inexpensive without compromising quality.


RX Construction and Remodeling proudly extends its comprehensive range of services, including mold removal, as a crucial component of home restoration in our local area. Our dedicated team is equipped with the expertise to address mold issues effectively and efficiently, ensuring a safe and rejuvenated living environment. With a solid commitment to quality and affordability, we offer competitive pricing, allowing homeowners to restore their residences without breaking the bank. Trust us to skillfully eliminate mold skillfully, enhancing the beauty and health of your home while maintaining our unwavering dedication to reasonable pricing and exceptional service. Our commitment to transparency allows our clients to begin their remodeling projects with confidence and assurance that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. RX Construction and Remodeling takes satisfaction in realizing each homeowner’s vision because we recognize the particular importance of their ideas. Allow us to work with you to realize the full potential of your beloved home, fusing affordability, kindness, and quality to produce a home that is a monument to both the past and the present.

Marijuana Grow House Clean Up

We offer a specialized home repair service in our neighborhood, including meticulously cleaning old marijuana grow homes. Our dedicated group is skilled at handling the particular difficulties these environments present, ensuring a comprehensive and secure repair process. We emphasize affordability and provide choices at low prices, allowing homeowners to restore their properties without being burdened by costs. Count on us to successfully handle the challenges of cleaning up marijuana grow house while restoring you’re living areas and preserving our dedication to fair pricing and superior service quality.

water flood damage

At RX Construction & Remodeling, we are committed professionals who believe in transforming environments and lifestyles. We are more than just a building and remodeling institute. We provide a wide range of services emphasizing excellence, innovation, and community while specializing in recovering and repairing flood damage.

Our experience recovering and reconstructing flood-damaged houses is the cornerstone of our services. Natural catastrophes can cause havoc on residences and commercial buildings, leaving behind devastation and hopelessness. Our devoted team of professionals intervenes to restore damaged areas, giving them new life and assisting communities in reestablishing themselves more substantially than before.

fire damage

Our comprehensive home restoration services include specialized knowledge in recovering from fire damage. Our devoted team is here to help you handle the challenging process of rebuilding and renewing in the wake of a fire. We are committed to swiftly and successfully restoring your living areas because we know the difficulties caused by fire damage.

We guarantee a seamless restoration process, rebuilding not only the physical structure of your home but also its atmosphere of comfort and security, thanks to our laser-like attention and unwavering commitment. Count on us to successfully traverse the challenges of fire damage repair while providing outstanding outcomes and peace of mind.

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